There’s a Snake in My Boot...

by Julia Crane on

Not really. The snake was not in my boot, but one of Keenan’s pet snakes did get loose over the weekend.

Since I mostly write about my animals, it should come to no surprise that I am coming to you with another animal related story! This time, about my boyfriend’s snake.

On Sunday night we...

Your estate plan may be your last words to those you leave behind. If you’re a parent, you should think carefully about the message you’ll be sending.

Parents who leave their children unequal inheritances risk fueling family feuds. But strictly equal bequests also can cause resentment if the...

Afraid to Retire? What to Do on Day One

by Richard Ropelewski on

You're standing alone on the edge of a cliff, staring off into a vast unknown. Is this you, thinking about retirement?

Or as one man told me during my research into the new retirement: "So I wake up in the morning, go to the fitness club and have coffee at Starbucks while I check my email. It's 9...

When Life Gives You Lemons...

by Richard Ropelewski on

… use a recipe that requires lemons.

We are feeling very much like Bill Murray from the movie “Ground Hog Day”, with the routine becoming a little mind numbing.  However, there have been some unexpected benefits to this social distancing and working from home.

Prior to the pandemic my work...

20 Rules of Personal Finance

by Richard Ropelewski on

I’ve always said that personal finances are more important than portfolio management, but I still think there’s probably not enough people writing or providing education on the topic.

So I’m going to make a concerted effort to write more about personal finance in the coming year.

Here’s my...

Focusing on the Good

by Thomas Lally on

It’s easy to feel like we have a lot of problems right now.  Some are major, like those who have lost a job or even a loved one.  Others are not so big, they just feel that way because it’s normal for our biggest problems to feel really big, even if they aren’t.  So lately I’ve been trying to focus...

What The CARES Act Means For Your Student Loans

by U.S. Wealth Management of Boston on

Student loans can be a burden, and the current coronavirus pandemic is not making it any easier. With unemployment at record highs, Americans are struggling to pay for necessities such as rent or groceries.

Enter the CARES Act. It's the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, which...

Quarantine PuppyYou

by Julia Crane on

I’m sure all of you have figured out by now that I am that crazy animal lady who is always getting new pets. So of course when I found out we were going to be in lock down, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to train a new puppy. I now have a long-haired dachshund as part of my ever-growing zoo...

Rope Team Update: Social Distancing Edition

by U.S. Wealth Management of Boston on

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, but we also realize this social distancing and quarantining is wreaking havoc with everyone’s routines and plans.  Here is what we have going on in our households and some ideas for keeping your wits about you.


Binging some Netflix or a newly...

Is This Déjà vu All Over Again?

by Rick Ropelewski on

Being a baseball junkie it is always good to start off with a Yogi Berra quote.  As many of you know, I have serious issues when it comes to the Red Sox, and I remember in vivid detail major moments in Red Sox history.  Where I was and with whom I was watching when Bucky Dent hit the home run in...

Don't Lose ItYou

by U.S. Wealth Management of Boston on

By Jonathan Clements from HumbleDollar

HERE’S THE LEAST surprising thing you’ll read this week: You can’t control the financial markets. They’re driven by news—and we simply don’t know what news we’ll get in the weeks and months ahead, whether it’s about the spread of the coronavirus, its impact...