Winter BluesYou

Thomas Lally |

We are fast approaching my least favorite month of the year: March.  It might have March Madness – my second favorite sporting event of the year, after the Super Bowl – and what is technically the first day of spring, but that isn’t nearly enough to save it from last place.  I know it’s usually a little warmer than January and February, but March is when the winter really seems to drag on. 

You may be wondering what’s so bad about winter.  I do love living in New England, where we get to really experience all four seasons.  I know that in the dog days of next August, I’ll think back longingly to the days when I used my car’s heat instead of air conditioning.  But at this point in the winter I’ve had enough and I’m ready to not feel so cold all the time.

I might feel a little differently if I enjoyed winter activities.  I have never skied – perhaps one day I’ll get my sister to teach me – and my only experience snowboarding did not end very well.  I can shuffle my way forward on ice skates, but not with anything near the ability I have on roller skates, which were a major feature of my childhood.

Instead I’m left to muse over what I wish I could do.  How about a weekend away somewhere nice like Portland or Cape Cod?  You can go, but it’s a little too cold to truly enjoy the best they have to offer.  What about something active like taking a hike or making a picnic?  Again, wouldn’t that be so much better if we just waited a few weeks until it’s warmer?

I don’t unequivocally hate winter.  I don’t even mind a little snow and the shoveling that comes with it.  I just wish it would be a little shorter, like if we could jump straight from February to April.  Then we’d really be talking.

The author of this article is Tom Lally, Wealth Manager Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.