When the Wind Blows

Nora Daniels |

Have you ever tried taking a passport photo of a 6 month old? With the ability to take a passport photo on our phones now instead of going somewhere, I did not think getting her photo taken would be such an ordeal. I had the white background, I waited until she could (mostly) sit up on her own, and I made sure the room had natural light to most likely achieve a photo that would be approved.

Saoirse had other plans! She wanted to grab my phone, look anywhere but at the lens, and make every expression under the sun besides a neutral face. My camera roll has at least 25 hilarious (and expressive) photos from the attempt that I am now using in place of emojis when I text. 45 minutes later with 2 adults’ full attention we managed to capture what will be her passport photo. I am so excited to get her passport in the mail and bring her traveling.

My other photo situation this month was a family photo session. We had booked for a Sunday and I anxiously watched the foliage and weather. When the day came, it was so windy we chose to postpone, luckily only by one day. I was initially nervous about the whole experience because my husband usually hates sitting around for photos and it comes across in the photos. But our photographer made us feel so at ease; I think everyone’s personality really came out, with my husband and stepdaughter getting goofy and even hiding in the tall grass between shoots. The entire experience left my whole family feeling really happy afterwards.

We got our sneak peek photo back and I love knowing our wonderful photographer captured my family’s essence in these early days. I’m grateful to have captured some beautiful moments over the past month to remember this period in our life.


The author of this article is Nora Daniels, Financial Planning Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.