When Life Gives You Lemons...

Richard Ropelewski |

… use a recipe that requires lemons.

We are feeling very much like Bill Murray from the movie “Ground Hog Day”, with the routine becoming a little mind numbing.  However, there have been some unexpected benefits to this social distancing and working from home.

Prior to the pandemic my work schedule was such that one or two nights a week I would either have meetings or stick around the office to catch up on my “to do” list.  Since face-to-face meetings are not possible we have transitioned to “Zoom” meetings to better stay in contact with our clients.  Between most of those meetings shifting to more standard business hours, and the kids not having sports or activities after school, our family dinner hour has made a comeback.  And with nowhere to race to after dinner everyone has been helping with dishes.  I almost feel like I’m living in a 1960’s sitcom!

We have also continued the tradition of the kids making dinner one evening per week.  They have made some very impressive dishes, going way beyond my culinary abilities at that age, which consisted of Kraft macaroni and cheese or a frozen pizza.  One evening though they were making a recipe requiring wine so Pete asked if they could open a new bottle.  Two minutes later he comes out of the kitchen with the bottle and a cork screw sticking out of the top.  Turns out the bottle had a screw off top.  Regardless, ‘A’ for effort; and dinner always tastes better when someone else cooks.

Stay safe and we hope you have some summer plans to shake up your daily routine.

The author of this article is Rick Ropelewski, Wealth Manager at U.S. Wealth Management.