What Did Rick Do To Annoy Chrissy?

Rick Ropelewski |

By Rick Ropelewski

Chances are that is a pretty long list, but it all started when Chrissy asked about whether we were coming into the office in the middle of a snow storm.  I jokingly (honest, really!) replied to her text that of course we would all be in the office that day, thinking of course there is no way anyone should be on the roads that day.  Wellllllll, that got lost in translation and Chrissy came to the office only to find out I was working at home; safe and warm.  Despite my warped sense of humor Chrissy has worked with Tom and me for the last for the last 3 ½ years.

Her ability to juggle five projects at once, great attitude, and wonderful spirit are a major reason for our success.  But without a doubt her greatest contribution was her care and concern for our clients.  She took a genuine interest in everyone she helped, and often became good friends with many of our clients after one or two phone calls.

So why am I writing an article to tell you she is now working for another team at U.S. Wealth Management?  In no small part thanks to Chrissy’s dedication and support, our team has had some wonderful success, and we need our third team member to work full time.  Because she wants to be involved in her 12-year old son’s life, Chrissy currently works four days per week.  Three of those days are with our team and one day is supporting another advisor.  (Warning, demented sense of humor alert!)  So my suggestion that Chrissy abandon the other advisor (whom she has known for over 20 years), ignore her family, and work six days a week for my personal benefit did not seem like a great idea.

So Tom and I want to wish her the best of luck and thank Chrissy for her tireless support, infectious laugh, and the countless ways she has helped our team and clients.

Not to worry, Tom and I will be getting some new adult supervision, with more news to follow soon.