A Trip Of A Lifetime With My Boy

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A Trip of a Lifetime with my Boy – Wedding in Hawaii

By Chrissy S. McCormack - Client Relationship Manager

So my niece and her fiancé are both in the Military.  My niece who is just the young age of 22 and went into the ARMY right from high school became engaged to the most equally as wonderful of a person, Justin who is in the Navy.  Justin is born and raised in Hawaii and is Japanese, Hawaiian and Portuguese.  They decided to have their wedding in Hawaii.  Who wouldn’t, right?

So with it being so expensive and such a long flight, I knew we wouldn’t be able to go for several reasons.  However, they asked my 11-year old son, Aidan to be a junior groomsman in the wedding.  I think they knew that would get me there.  So, even after my husband had decided we couldn’t pull it off, guess what I did…….I booked the tickets anyways (life is too short – mother had just passed and my son really wanted to go).  Hee Hee.  So my husband stayed at home while myself and Aidan boarded a 13-hour flight to Hawaii (zzzz).

When we first arrived, we stayed in a rented house in the North Shore and saw the most incredible sights and my son, who is totally an “old salt” and into everything ocean loves jumping off of bridges and cliffs, etc.  Well what better place in the world to jump from a cliff.  Needless to say, I was extremely nervous the whole time, but he was with all the natives who knew what was safe and what was not safe for him.  After we had a little fun, we went to Waikiki to stay in the Hale Koa Military Hotel right on the beach.  This was nothing in comparison to where we had been visiting on the North Shore with the natives and private beaches.  But this was where we had to stay as it was where the wedding took place.

My 11-year old looked so darn handsome, hanging out with 7 natives and men for the grooms party / day and I did not know what to do with myself.  I actually had 5 hours in Hawaii to myself and didn’t know what to do.  Well of course I went to the beach and pool and did some shopping.  It was wonderful and by the far the best wedding I have ever been to.  It was a traditional Hawaiian / Japanese wedding and it was so beautiful and interesting to learn of the different traditions in the different cultures and I am so glad I didn’t listen to my husband and my son and I went.  It was the trip of a lifetime and we can’t wait to go back.