There’s a Snake in My Boot...

Julia Crane |

Not really. The snake was not in my boot, but one of Keenan’s pet snakes did get loose over the weekend.

Since I mostly write about my animals, it should come to no surprise that I am coming to you with another animal related story! This time, about my boyfriend’s snake.

On Sunday night we went to feed Keenan’s pinstripe ball python, Fluffy, but to our surprise he was not in his tank! He is often in in his cave, so we weren’t surprised to not see him out, but when we checked under the cave, he wasn’t there!

For those of you who don’t have snakes, they are often trying to break out of their tanks! You have to have a cover and clips to keep the cover tight on the top. We are not sure how he managed to squeeze out, but he did. We spent Sunday night flipping over the couches, checking in cabinets, and putting out food. No luck.

Now we had to have an extra precaution anytime we went to bed or on the couch, in case he was snuggled in the blankets. By Tuesday morning, we lost hope that we would find him. Did he get outside? Did he go somewhere that was too cold?

Then this morning Keenan’s mom found him… in her bed! We are happy that he is safe, healthy, and back in his tank, but we are going to be putting more clips and a bigger lid on the tank.

The author of this article is Julia Crane, Financial Planner Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.