Summer 2018

Rick Ropelewski |

By Chrissy McCormack


Well, so the Summer has come and NOT GONE – we still have magnificent weather in September and the beginning of October.  How about that heat wave we had?   I think you may know me well enough to know where I was during it.  I was literally swimming in the ocean at this sandbar we have in Cohasset harbor – like a 5 year old kid.  My husband could NOT get me out of the water to save his life.  He set me up like a queen and tied a raft off of our boat and I laid there with feet in the water for most of 5 days.

It’s been quite a busy Summer  with a weekend trip on the boat to the Vineyard, a week in PTown and to check out the whales at Stellwagon, my niece getting engaged out at Minot Light (our local lighthouse that flashes  1  4  3 for “I Love You” and is very special to my family).  So that was exciting.  There was a wedding right across from the cottage that had the best fireworks display that we let my niece believe were for her engagement.  Perfect timing! We stayed at the cottage on the island for a couple of weeks and mostly ate the fish Aidan caught and the lobsters from our traps.  We even went so far as to eat the crabs that were in the traps.  So with Aidan fishing ALL the time and now checking my traps, we have had no shortage of fresh seafood. 

Funny story, we went out fishing for bait, caught a ton of small mackerel to use as bait for striper fishing and bait for our lobster traps, well one fell out and was just hanging out in the boat and Dan (picking it up like it was a dirty diaper), threw it to me while I was on the dock walking away, and I freakishly caught the thing with one swipe of the hand.  Dan is now convinced that I am some sort of Ninja.

I had a nice surprise.  My friends knew that I am not much into celebrating birthdays, but they do know that I am into sitting at the island and just hanging at the cottage.  So they threw me the most spectacular party on the island with no shortage of lobsters, steak and the best birthday cake.  The evening was topped off with the most magnificent sunset that I can’t help to think my deceased parents gave to me special for my birthday along with Minot Light’s flashing 1 -4- 3 for I Love You.  It was the best Summer thus far.  I hope you enjoyed yours as well.