Sinking Our Teeth Into It

Thomas Lally |

There’s been a new development in our house over the last couple of weeks – Briana’s first teeth are arriving.  It all started with a few days of unexplained fussiness when she didn’t want to eat or sleep very much.  She’s never been great at napping (what 3 month old is?) but this was another level.  She was also drooling a lot and pulling her ear, two telltale signs that teeth are on the way.  We knew those were teething signs, but thought it unlikely at just 3 months.

Then one day we saw it – a little white bud popping up.  We felt so much better, as it at least provided an explanation of why our normally very happy baby had such a rough few days.  While 3 months is pretty early to get teeth, we later learned that I got my teeth around 4 months and my wife around 3 months, so it made complete sense that Briana would be a bit early too.

Since then, things have gotten better and she’s eating and sleeping more.  We’ve also been able to help her now that we actually know it’s teething.  We have plenty of things for her to chew on including some we can put in the fridge.  The tough thing with her being so young is she doesn’t yet have the arm control to keep things in her mouth, so often we need to hold them in place the entire time she’s gnawing.  But that’s a small price to pay to know we’re doing whatever we can to alleviate her discomfort.



The author of this article is Tom Lally, Wealth Manager Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.