Rhode Island Vacation

Richard Ropelewski |

It’s Not Cape Cod; but It Works

For just about every year over the last ten years we have trekked to Cape Cod for a summer vacation with Martha’s family of 18 nieces and nephews, siblings and “outlaws”.  We have many wonderful memories and some truly hilarious stories.  However, a lot of the activities do not lend themselves to social distancing; trips to the candy store, Cape Cod League baseball games, and Bud’s Go Carts in Harwichport (although our son Peter and several other cousins are most likely banned for life from that timeless summer tradition after countless warnings to not bump other cars.)

So while the Cape was not an ideal option this summer, and getting on a plane was a nonstarter, we needed a change of scenery so we opted for Rhode Island.  The place we found allowed us to continue with our summer ritual of yard games; cornhole, spike ball, Kan Jam to name a few favorites.  Trips to a candy store were swapped out for s’mores on the grill and the occasional socially distanced ice cream excursion.  So while our tried and true traditions were not available, it was fun finding some new “favorites.”

One of the highlights of the week was playing pickle ball on the back deck; with just about everyone getting involved at some point during the week.   For those of you not familiar with this “sport” think of it as a cross between paddle ball and tennis.  You have a small wooden paddle and a net, but instead of a tennis ball you use a large wiffle ball.  You can thank me later when your kids or grandkids get hooked (or maybe not!)  Anyhow, one evening four of the nieces were out on the deck until about 10:00, using only the deck lights to set a new “record” for most consecutive volleys.  Hearing their shrieks and exuberance, you would have thought they were a bunch of five years old, not high schoolers and college students.

So while many things changed more wonderful memories were made.

The author of this article is Rick Ropelewski, Wealth Manager at U.S. Wealth Management.