Remembering to Slow Time

Nora Daniels |

We all remember the day we got married, March 2020 when the world went into quarantine, and the day our children are born. But what about the months in between these pivotal moments?

Since a young age, time has always felt like it was passing so quickly. As I sat in the classroom, days turned into weeks turned into years and soon enough I had graduated. Time only sped up when I was working 9-5 and almost every day looked the same as I fell into a routine.

But I found a way to slow down time just a little bit; from the month I got married in April 2018 until now, I have made sure to have one memorable thing happen each month and record it in a running list. It helped me make sure I took the time to do something special each month and gave me so much more to look forward to each year. 

My memorable things aren’t always groundbreaking; they include big things like going on vacation, but also little things like baking themed cookies for my sister’s birthday. Stopping the months from blending got much harder during quarantine, but I managed to keep it up. I’m excited to reflect on all the wonderful pockets of joy I’ve had as I come up on 5 years of making my life more memorable.


The author of this article is Nora Daniels, Financial Planning Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.