Okay, that wasn’t fun

Rick Ropelewski |

By Rick Ropelewski

Thank you to everyone for all of the notes and guidance as we packed our daughter off for college a few weeks ago.  The suggestions and insights were very helpful; particularly the part about saying good bye.

As a fund raiser for the Georgetown crew team you could drop off boxes at several locations in the Boston area and they would then magically appear in your child’s dorm room when you arrived.  As advertised those boxes were dent free and waiting in the room when we arrived.   We also packed the family car to within an inch of capacity (one of my more impressive packing jobs if I am not being modest) and for those items the school had a very structured unloading process.  It was like a racing pit crew; our car doors opened and there were four people unloading the car and placing the boxes and luggage into what looked like oversized laundry bins.  Surprisingly those were the boxes that didn’t make it immediately to Molly’s room .  So they had a very structured process, just not fool proof.    While my wife helped Molly unpack the boxes that had been shipped my son Pete and I scoured all seven floors of the dorm.   Pete was like a dog with a bone, he was not going to stop until the boxes were located.  Seeing him in action and admiring his tenacity and problem solving helped take my mind off the stress of the weekend, so the distraction actually helped (but probably not for Molly!)  An anxious hour later everything was found and quickly unpacked.

There were some activities and information sessions for the parents over the weekend, and we got to walk around the neighborhood while the freshmen had orientation activities led by very enthusiastic upperclassmen.  On Saturday evening they had a massive capture the flag game on the football field for all of the freshmen, organized by dorm.  But I’m still not sure how you play capture the flag on a  football field.  Sunday morning they had the official kickoff to the year with some pomp and circumstance.  We then had lunch and had hugs good bye.  Everyone did a good job keeping it together except for yours truly, but then I cry at a boxing match so that was to be expected.

A few weeks in and it seems like our (not so little) girl is doing well.  Friends comment that college is just another milestone and part of growing up, but I don’t want to yet!