Tom Lally |

By: Tom Lally, CFP ®

Of all the social activity affected by Covid, weddings were high on the list.  Planning the big day can be stressful enough without a global pandemic, so I’m sure it’s been a difficult 18 months for the recently betrothed.  So I was all sorts of happy – and relieved – when my college roommate had his wedding a couple of weeks ago.

The setting was Northampton, in western Massachusetts about halfway between Worcester and the New York border.  Despite the reasonable 1.5 hour drive, I have not spent much time in the area, but I’m glad I did now.  The areas around town are very woodsy, so there was beautiful foliage everywhere (have I mentioned before that autumn is my favorite season?).

This was the first wedding I attended in about two years, and it was nice to feel so normal for a few hours.  I had such a great time reconnecting with other college friends I had not seen in a while.  There were plenty of marriages, new houses, and new jobs to catch up on.

While it was a fun time, the most important part was watching two wonderful people join together to embark on that great adventure we call married life.  These days it seems like we hear so much doom and gloom, for one reason or another, so this was a welcome dose of happiness and hope.  Like so many other couples, I’m sure they had pre-Covid dreams of a beautiful wedding.  And that is exactly what they had, even if it was a little later than anticipated.


The author of this article is Tom Lally, Wealth Manager Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.