New York City – Then and Now

Jeanette Critelli |

By: Jeanette Critelli

I love New York City – my husband does not love it so much. He was recently offered, and finally accepted, a part-time job in New York working on the oversight of a new transit line being built in New York City. He has been retired from the MBTA for 17 years now, but many of his former coworkers from the MBTA supervisory team he worked with are working on this contract position, and I thought he would be happy to work with his buddies again (that translates to “I can’t wait to join him on the weekends to shop, dine, see plays, etc. etc.). Needless to say, it took a lot of convincing for him to accept it. First of all, the paycheck should have been enough incentive, but no, it was not. The fact that he only has to work part-time, even though they wanted him full-time, and the fact that he can make his work schedule convenient for him, nah. So, because the contract is due to expire in July, or maybe October, he’s all in. Don’t tell him, but the contract has been getting extended since last August, October, December, and March.

One of the reasons he does not like New York is because when we were in our twenties, we visited for a weekend. He looked out of our hotel window at 8:00 am because cars had to be moved by 8:00 am. By the time he got outside, it was gone – towed to the scariest part of New York City – I don’t remember where, but it was not a fun experience getting a car from a tow lot in New York. I know he mentioned a few other reasons why he did not really want to go, but I didn’t hear him; I’m already packing for the weekend.


The author of this article is Jeanette Critelli, Operations Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.