New Year, Big News

Nora Daniels |

I have this inexplicable love for New Year's Eve and Day. It’s one of those times where I slow down and reflect on the year I’m leaving behind and dream about how I want the year ahead to look. Since 2018, I’ve kept a list of ‘one memorable thing’ that happens each month of a year so that I don’t let a month pass me by without doing something worth remembering.

2021 was a busy year full of exciting moments for me. From switching careers to getting scuba dive certified to starting a renovation on my house, I have a lot of things I’m happy to think back on. I already know 2022 is going to have some standout moments: as this is published, I’m about two months out from my great adventure of 2022: baby Daniels will be making an appearance sometime in the first quarter of 2022 (due date is early March – but we all know that doesn’t mean much!).

As someone who loves to plan, most people are surprised to hear that we will not be finding out the gender. What I would love to plan is how to make those first hectic months less of a blur – feel free to send some advice my way!


The author of this article is Nora Daniels, Financial Planning Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.