My Quarter Life Crisis

Rick Ropelewski |

By Julia Crane, Financial Planner Assistant

At first I was saying how I was having a midlife crisis, but being in my mid-twenties, it’s more of a quarter life crisis. We can all thank the pandemic for this early reevaluation of my life!

As most of you probably saw in our last newsletter, I have decided to make a career switch. In early 2020 I would have never thought that I would consider changing careers. My financial planning courses were going well, and other than my long commute, I loved working for the Rope Team. When we all switched to remote, I still had no plan to change.

I am not sure if it was helping my brothers learn remotely that triggered my change, or the fact that I always wanted to be a teacher, but whatever the reason – I am now pursuing a career in teaching. Beginning in May I started a Secondary STEM Education Master’s program through Southern New Hampshire University. Hopefully by the end of August 2022 I will be certified to teach middle school and high school math!

So far, I’ve had the opportunity to go in and observe classes at Southside Middle School and Manchester Memorial High School, which has made me even more excited. Come fall, I will begin my student teaching.

I am saddened to eventually be leaving the Rope Team and personal finance, but I have been lucky to have worked for such a great team who supported me through this transition! The past few years have been incredibly rewarding, and even though I won’t be continuing in the field at least I learned a lot about personal finance before attempting it on my own!