My Garden - Is it Spring yet?

Jeanette Critelli |

It has been a long cold winter.  I can’t wait to start gardening again.  My dad introduced me to “square foot” gardening years ago.  A square foot garden is a 4-foot by 4-foot square area divided into a grid with 16 one foot squares.  I have decided that this is the year I am going to actually plant one that will produce 16 different vegetables and flowers in one garden bed. He actually built my first square foot garden for me with wood from his workshop, but I have always just planted a few tomato plants, cucumbers, some spinach, and whatever else I wanted to experiment with.  I have added two additional square foot gardens to my backyard and stacked them to make one deeper garden for this year.

 It’s a complicated process between adding just the right ingredients to the soil, building supports for climbing vegetable plants, etc. but I am determined. I have drawn out my 16 plots on graph paper and just need to decide what goes where and when to plant each vegetable.

Wish me luck – I hope to be enjoying some delicious salads and vegetable dishes by the end of the summer.



The author of this article is Jeanette Critelli, Operations Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.