A Little More About Karen

Karen Pettingell |

I joined the Rope Team in November as Operations Assistant, and I am very excited to be here!

To get to know me a little better, here are a few personal facts.  I live in Braintree with my husband, Doug, and our black lab, Jack.  I grew up in Beverly, where my mother and siblings still live, and I visit often.  When I moved from Beverly to Braintree, I got teased that I was “crossing the bridge”, something a lot of people would never think of doing.  There are many differences between North and South shore, both have pros and cons.

My husband and I love to travel, usually traveling 3-4 times per year.  One of our favorite destinations is Las Vegas. We also love Hawaii and Europe (especially Italy). We have also traveled internationally for a few U2 concerts. Future trips include Alaska, African Safari, and Scandinavia.

One of my biggest passions is dogs. I started volunteering at Shultz’s Guest House in Dedham this year.  Dogs get adopted quickly and it is very rewarding when you see a dog who may not have had the best start to life, get adopted by a loving family who is going to spoil them.

Outside of the office I enjoy staying active with Pickleball, personal training and hiking with my dog.


The author of this article is Karen Pettingell, Operations Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management 

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