A Little Different This Year

Thomas Lally |

I recently returned from a week’s vacation in Truro with my in-laws. They’ve been going for decades and I’ve joined the last several years. It’s always a nice trip, and this year was no exception, but the week did look quite different with an 8 week old baby.

For starters, we almost couldn’t fit all of our stuff in the car when we packed up to drive down. I’m still amazed at how something so little can require so much stuff – stroller, bed, play mat, bouncer chair, and giant box of diapers.

I’m naturally more of a night owl, but I was in bed earlier and saw more early mornings than I typically do. Fortunately this did not require missing any sunsets (late as they are this time of year), which are so beautiful and colorful over Cape Cod Bay.

I’m not too much of a beach person, which is a good thing now. We broke out our baby carrier for the first time to take Briana down a few days. She had some nice naps like this but wasn’t a huge fan, so we never stayed for more than about an hour.

We are lucky that Briana loves the car – during the day she enjoys looking at the scenery, at night she falls asleep almost instantly. So we did get out for a few things with her (Highland Lighthouse, visiting Provincetown) and even one excursion without her to Truro Vineyards.

The most problematic adjustment was that we are spoiled with central AC at home, while the cottage we stayed at is rustic and charming but lacking this modern amenity. It never got too hot, but it was still a challenge at times trying to keep her and our room cool enough for her to be comfortable.

But many things did not change, including wonderful time with family, eating lots of delicious seafood, and enjoying a little time away from the office.


The author of this article is Tom Lally, Wealth Manager Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.