June Showers

Rick Ropelewski |

By Tom Lally

We all know that April showers bring May flowers.  And, if you like corny jokes, May flowers bring Pilgrims.  But what do June showers bring?  For me it brought a celebration of the upcoming nuptials of two of my dearest friends.  This was the first wedding shower I’d ever attended and it did not disappoint.

Typically these are all-female affairs, but it seems like including the men for a couples wedding shower is a fairly popular trend now.  What could be wrong with wanting to spend time with all of your closest friends and family, no matter their gender?  Another new trend that I like is not wrapping the gifts.  Just a bow to make it look nice, a tag so they know whom to thank, and you’re done.  I’ve heard many times from friends who did not really enjoy a wedding shower they attended, because they felt like they spent the entire time watching the bride to be unwrap packages.

Instead of watching a bunch of white wrapping paper torn to shreds, we ate, had a drink, enjoyed each other’s company, and played a couple of games.  They first had us answering questions about the couple, and I did not do so well but I did learn a few new things including their middle names and how many kids they want.  The second game was called the wedding shoe game, which asked us to pick one of them for certain superlatives, such as who is messiest or who is quickest to apologize.  After we had all made our selections, the couple held up shoes to indicate which one of them was the correct answer – but with their backs turned to each other, so they couldn’t see whom the other was indicating.  They mostly provided the same answer but it got a lot of laughs on the few occasions when they didn’t.  I did much better with this game, which I was glad for because the couple are good friends from college whom I’ve known for over 10 years.

As the party wrapped up I reflected on a warm, beautiful day spent with wonderful people.  And I was so glad to have been included in this couples shower.  Tradition can be important, and shouldn’t be cast aside for no reason.  But sometimes, breaking with tradition can be even sweeter.