I Made A Mistake…

Nora Daniels |

My mom has a special play area set up for my daughter in her living room. When you spend a good chunk of time with an infant, you end up looking up at the ceiling more often than you’d anticipate. So it had recently come to her attention that she had only one room in her house with popcorn ceilings (the living room) and she HATED it.

I had the bright idea that my husband and I could do something nice for her and take it down while she was on vacation this past week. The internet told us it would only take about 5 hours, and I made the mistake of believing this to be true.

My husband spent 2 days working nonstop to remove the popcorn ceiling. After several hours, we were too far in to stop; at this point there was a hole in the ceiling and little else to show for the hours of effort. I was feeling rather guilty that my brilliant idea was turning into a disaster that I wasn’t sure we would complete before she came home. But my husband persevered, and a few failed approaches later led to a (mostly) smooth ceiling and a Lot of plaster dust.

When she arrived home, she was shocked to find not only a smooth ceiling, but a very clean house (5 hours of cleaning later and I Think I got all the plaster dust!). She absolutely loves it and already enjoys being in the room so much more.

I am so happy we pulled this off and that my Mom will get to enjoy this for years to come. But the moral of this story is that I learned the hard way that you should absolutely Not trust everything you read on the internet.

Now someone PLEASE remind me of this during my next genius idea!


The author of this article is Nora Daniels, Financial Planning Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.