How to Stay Financially Safe While Traveling

Rick Ropelewski |

When Jamie Fox of Brooklyn, N.Y., traveled to Europe for the first time in 2005, her mom was a nervous wreck. To help alleviate her concerns, Fox promised to call her as soon as she landed at Heathrow Airport in London. “When I landed I noted the pickpocket signs everywhere and chuckled to myself,” Fox said. “I’m [originally] from Philadelphia, so I was pretty sure I could handle myself in London.”

After stopping at the first pay phone she saw, Fox put her wallet on top of it and called her mom. “I must have turned around for a split second, and when I turned back, it wasn’t there,” she said. Luckily, Fox still had her passport on her, but she had little else. “My license, my ATM and credit cards, any cash I had on me, gone,” she said. Friends helped Fox out with cash, and the next day she went to the American embassy and called her mom again. “She practically had a heart attack when her boss told her the American embassy was on the phone,” Fox said. After getting over her shock, Fox’s mom was able to access her bank account and wire her daughter money so she would be set for the rest of her trip.

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