How to find the right volunteer opportunity in retirement

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By Alessandra Malito, Reporter

Charitable work can be done at any age or stage in life — but finding the right opportunity can fuel a person’s purpose in retirement.

Sometimes, investing your time in a charity can turn into a second career, as was the case for Shirley Acevedo Buontempo, 56, who started her nonprofit in education eight years ago after a career in marketing and advertising. For others, it’s finding volunteer work that is fulfilling, and perhaps demanding. Georgette Bennett, 72, founder of the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, said it’s akin to finding the right job. “Volunteer work is really a process,” she said.

There are numerous ways in which someone can become more involved in volunteer or charity work: for example, leadership, consulting or direct services with clients, like building a home or walking the dogs at an animal shelter. Nonprofits can use all kinds of help, including organizationally and managerially, as well as through raising awareness.

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