Is This Déjà vu All Over Again?

Rick Ropelewski |

Being a baseball junkie it is always good to start off with a Yogi Berra quote.  As many of you know, I have serious issues when it comes to the Red Sox, and I remember in vivid detail major moments in Red Sox history.  Where I was and with whom I was watching when Bucky Dent hit the home run in 1978; Aaron Boone hitting the walk-off home run in the 2003 American League Championship Series; and the ball going through Bill Buckner’s legs in the ’86 World Series (it wasn’t his fault they lost the game, but that’s a discussion for another day).

Some may comment that I am focusing on the negative from the period 1918 – 2004; what about Dave Roberts’ steal of second base that began a historic comeback (it actually began with Kevin Millar getting on base first with a walk, but again I digress).  Yes, the last fifteen years have been very good to us Sox fans.  However, if you subscribe to sports jinxes the Red Sox could be in for a dry spell of roughly 86 years or so.  From 1912 through 1918 the Red Sox won four World Series titles.  Then, as even the casual baseball fan knows, the Sox traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for financial reasons, thus beginning the 86 year championship drought.

Fast forward to February 2020.  The Red Sox have again won four World Series at the beginning of the century, and have traded another potential generational talent in Mookie Betts.  Then, to close the loop of baseball karma, they do so for financial reasons.  Hopefully that great baseball philosopher Yogi is not right on this one.  But as he also said, “the game’s isn’t over until it’s over.”

The author of this article is Rick Ropelewski, Wealth Manager at U.S. Wealth Management.