Crane Animals Update

Julia Crane |

I am sure all of you have been wondering what I’ve been up to with all this time I have now since working from home. And I am sure many of you can guess… that I have expanded my animal family. Here’s a little update!

Living in my studio apartment with me are ten animals, yes ten. I’ve started to become the person people go to if they are looking to rehome a pet, and I don’t often say no!

Here’s a breakdown of who I have living with me:

Beef & Scrappy – All of you are familiar with my two dogs, and if you aren’t they will appear in many upcoming newsletters.

Tucker – This is my bunny that I have had for almost two years now. He has become a very friendly and loveable little guy, who is easily bribed by carrots or strawberries.

Nellie – I made the honest mistake of walking into the MSPCA about a year ago, and left with a chinchilla. Did you know chinchillas are the softest animal in the world?!

Jefferson – I’ve introduced Jefferson before, otherwise known as Jeff. He is my ferret who I’ve had for a bit over a year. He is still constantly stealing everything – his favorites are soles to shoes and the rubber Playstation VR remotes! He is also a very big fan of crawling into any box, bag, or trash can – probably looking for more things to steal.

Kevin & Kipper – These two are another MSPCA rescue. I adopted two mice during the pandemic, and they are the smallest animal I have living with me. I got them when a friend of mine wanted to adopt them, but her parents wouldn’t let her take them home.

Shamus, Wrink & Tweak – Finally, I have three guinea pigs. It all started with Shamus, who is actually completely bald. Since guinea pigs are social animals and shouldn’t be alone, I got Wrink, who is also bald. (Her name is Wrink because she is wrinkly). Tweak, is my only guinea pig with fur, who I got from a friend who needed to rehome her.

The author of this article is Julia Crane, Financial Planner Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.