Julia Crane |

No I didn’t buy a cat, but I recently went to see the off-Broadway musical.

My youngest brother, Paul, has found a new love for theatre. The middle school he attends has a drama program where he has the opportunity to perform in various shows with both middle and high school students. He is currently rehearsing to be in Les Miserables.

With this new passion of his, my mom and I wanted to bring him to a real Broadway show. The shows his school puts on are amazingly put together, but he has never been to see a professional play. He was practically jumping with joy when we told him we were taking him.

The work he does to prepare for the shows he is in seems exhausting to me, and I’m not the one doing it. He is constantly going to rehearsals, taking singing lessons, and practicing his lines. I think that having experienced what it is like to prepare for a high school play gave Paul a different appreciation when going to see Cats. The second we walked into the theatre he was in awe. He pointed out how detailed the set and the costumes were, but when the music started he was completely mesmerized.

I enjoyed the show, and was quite impressed how the actors could dance that much and still be able to sing. I can barely make it up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. Paul on the other hand has not stopped talking about the show. On the car ride home from the theatre he wanted to listen to the soundtrack. He is constantly talking about his favorite songs, scenes, costumes, the plot, and so on. If you ever meet Paul, you know he’s a talker and sometimes talks to much, but the way he talks about seeing Cats and theatre in general so passionately never gets annoying.

The author of this article is Julia Crane, Financial Planner Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.