Afraid to Retire? What to Do on Day One

Richard Ropelewski |

You're standing alone on the edge of a cliff, staring off into a vast unknown. Is this you, thinking about retirement?

Or as one man told me during my research into the new retirement: "So I wake up in the morning, go to the fitness club and have coffee at Starbucks while I check my email. It's 9 a.m. Now what?"

Financially, he could retire. But he's still working, in part because he likes it, but partly because he's scared to death.

And he's not alone.

If you've reached 65, the odds (depending on your gender and marital state) can be close to 1 in 10 that you'll make it to 100. So, if luck and good health are with you, you've got a chance of having maybe at least three good decades ahead after you leave your full-time job.

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